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More grant information

The most important thing you need to know is if you carry out any repairs and improvements before you make a proper application and get approval for a grant you won't get any grant at all.

Essential repair grant

This is a discretionary means-tested grant for owner occupiers over the age of 65, who have lived in the property needing works for at least five years, to help remove hazards that are likely to cause imminent harm to health such as no heating, structural collapse, or extreme damp.
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Disabled facilities grants

The disabled facilities grant can cover some types of repairs and improvements to houses (Renewal Assistance Grants and Renewal Assistance Grants {Minor Works}). Repairs, improvements and fire precautions at houses occupied by more than one household (known as "HMOs"). Insulation, heating and security work is sometimes eligible for Renewal Assistance Grants (Minor Works). 
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Insulation, heating or improving security at my home?

From time to time the Council runs schemes of Renewal Assistance Grants (Minor Works) for help with insulation, heating or improving security at homes. These schemes are mainly aimed at people over 60 and those on low income. (The Hillingdon Warm Homes Scheme is one such scheme.) These schemes are very popular and may not be available all the year or may involve a waiting list.
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If you are a tenant, not an owner, you will not normally be able to get a grant for repairs and improvements as in most cases the repairs should be done by your landlord.

Grants for house boats and mobile homes

The only grants available for these are essential repair grants for work to enable a disabled person to carry on living there.

Grant process

You will usually be sent a letter and details of what happens. If you are asking for a essential repair grant we will normally send you a simple form asking about your income and savings, so we can tell you if it is worth your while applying for a grant.

Additional resources

If you think you may be eligible for a grant you should contact the Social Services, High Street Uxbridge, UB8 1UW, tel: 01895 556633.

Further information

If you are not eligible for a grant then other organisations that provide advice on a whole range of goods and services for older people including carers across the United Kingdom may be able to assist are as follows:

Advice and information:-

Equity Release:-

For general money advice see the government site: www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk »

Please note that any opinions expressed by these organisations are those of the individual organisations for which the council cannot accept any responsibility. In all matters of a financial nature you are strongly recommended to use only organisations that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority »

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