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Tree FAQs


How do I report a tree problem?

You can report a tree problem online or by phone.

The Hillingdon Contact Centre are available to take your report on 01895 556000, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm for problems with trees on the street, in parks and on other council owned land.

Outside these times an answering machine will be available or ring the Civic Centre on 01895 250111 in an emergency, eg collisions, doors removed, or vandalism.

It would be helpful when reporting the problem if you could supply the following information:

  • Exact location of the tree eg outside 21 High Street
  • The exact nature of the problem, eg the branches are so low that the are hitting passing vehicles.
  • A nearby reference point (for example a house number, junction with another road etc).

Check whether the tree is covered by a TPO or is within a Conservation Area.

What if the tree problem is on private land?

If the tree is on private property, you should notify the owner of the land, or the person(s) legally responsible for its upkeep. You may need to check if there is a tree preservation order. To do so call planning landscaping on 01895 250230.

A tree is overhanging into my private property from my neighbour's garden. How do I cut it back?

Ask the tree-owner to prune it back. If they refuse, you are legally-entitled to prune it back under certain conditions.

  • Cut only to the boundary line
  • Do not trespass on their property
  • Offer the cuttings back to the owner
  • Before any work is undertaken, check there is no Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

I am a housing tenant and have a tree on my property that needs pruning?

Council housing tenants should contact the contact centre on 01895 556000. The centre will log all the relevant details regarding the enquiry, this information is received by the tree officers who will inspect and, if required, arrange for approved contractors to carry out any remedial works.

There is a tree outside my house causing subsidence to my property. What do I do?

The callers must contact their own insurance company. An insurance surveyor will need to inspect the damage before they can claim.

There is a tree making a sticky mess on my car/ fruit trees that loose their fruit. Can I have the tree removed? Ruislip Woods

The council does not remove trees for this reason. These are seasonal problems that pruning cannot solve. However if the mess/fruit occurs on the public highway then we can arrange for the street cleansing department to clean the area.

What does the council do about leaves in the road?

Leaves on public highways are removed as part of the borough's regular street cleansing programme and specific requests are directed to this team.

I live in a private property and have a tree in my garden that needs pruning

The council does not carry out pruning for private residents. You can contact reputable contractors to do the work for you. Before any work is undertaken, check that there is no Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the tree and that it is not in a conservation area.

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