Mayor's 'Feel Good' Photography Competition

Each week during February's Heart Month, residents were invited to send in their photos that illustrated the following themes and say how they bring them happiness.

  • Calmness and Wellbeing
  • Nature
  • Keeping Active
  • Healthy Food

The winning entries

The Worshipful the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr Teji Barnes selected her favourites, which are presented below.

Meli Chávez​'s photo
Nature​ photo by Meli Chávez​, aged 52. "Wonderful nature at winter time. Winter sightings in Uxbridge that we are lucky to have and enjoy.​"
Photo by unknown
Calmness and Wellbeing photo by unknown. "Because of the lockdown, we can't enjoy the things we did before, so here is what kept me entertained for the past month. Books make me feel like I can live a different life without leaving my room."

Fergal Naughton​'s photo
Calmness and Wellbeing​ photo by Fergal Naughton​, aged 8. "I took this photo with my camera early one morning at the back of my house. It makes me feel happy."
Jude Barrell's photo
Healthy Food​ photo by Jude Barrell, aged 46. "This simple, delicious, healthy meal makes me feel happy because it reminds me of my favourite summer holiday destination along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia."

Morgan's photo
Healthy Food photo by Morgan, aged 4. "My photo is about being healthy, doing quality things with my mummy and supporting amazing local businesses.​ We go out (only when we absolutely have to) and get local fruit and vegetables and make a homemade smoothie. We try new things from the fruit and vegetable shops and use anything when it is going ripe to avoid waste.​ I love helping mummy chop and hope one day she will let me use the mixer!"
Archer Herriotts​' photo
Calmness and Wellbeing​ photo​ with Archer Herriotts​, aged 3. "I went for a walk with my family today in the sunshine and because I was such a good boy, I was allowed to get an ice cream!​ Now... I wouldn't say my ice cream was 'healthy' but it did make me feel realllllly good!"

Sam McCormack​'s photo
Keeping Active photo by Sam McCormack. "Keeping active dancing with friends - we will dance together again. x​"
Vereker's photo
Nature photo by Vereker, aged 14. "This photo makes me feel close to nature and like everything is waking up​."

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Page last updated: 16 Mar 2021