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Biodiversity partnership membership

The Hillingdon Biodiversity Action Plan (HBAP) Partnership is made up of a number of organisations and individuals who have an interest in protecting and enhancing biodiversity in the London Borough of Hillingdon. The partnership includes organisations of all different sizes and backgrounds including local conservation groups, regional and national bodies, government and non-government agencies, schools and colleges, businesses and landowners, utility companies, and private individuals.

Some of the organisations that have already made the decision to become members of the Hillingdon BAP include:

  • English Nature
  • Hillingdon Natural History Society
  • Environment Agency
  • Greater London Authority - Biodiversity Team
  • Groundwork Thames Valley
  • Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
  • London Wildlife Trust
  • Hillingdon Friends of the Earth
  • Hertfordshire and Middlesex Badger Group
  • Ruislip & District Natural History Society
  • Council for the Protection Rural England
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Bat Groups
  • A Rocha UK
  • Harmondsworth Moor Country Park
  • Ruislip Woods Management Advisory Group
  • London Borough of Hillingdon

Why have a Hillingdon Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership?

Local partnerships, through Local Biodiversity Action Plans, have become a proven mechanism for focusing resources to conserve and enhance nationally and locally important biodiversity. Through the partnership approach all stakeholders in local biodiversity can become involved in the process, building ownership and commitment and encouraging greater contributions to biodiversity conservation from all participants.

What role can I or my organisation play in the Hillingdon Biodiversity Partnership?

There are many different opportunities for partners to become involved in the HBAP process. These opportunities aim to accommodate the varying capacities of partners to commit time and resources to the process.

Those who have little in the way of time and resources may simply want to be kept informed and attend some of the open days and other events being organised. Later on in the process, these people may want to participate in implementation activities such as building bird boxes and planting native species in their gardens.

Others, who may have a greater capacity to be involved, may attend regular meetings of the Steering Group, Working Groups or Partnership and may be involved in major implementation activities such as re-establishment of habitats, funding of biodiversity events such as education forums, and much more.

Below is a list of examples of how individuals and organisations may become involved in local BAPs processes. Of course there are many more things that people can do, these are just some examples.

Preparing the action plan

  • Keep up-to-date by reading relevant newsletters, media articles, and fact sheets
  • Respond to surveys and questionnaires
  • Review consultation documents such as a draft of the Biodiversity Action Plan and make submissions
  • Attend open days and focus group meetings
  • Become a member of the Steering Group or Working Groups and attend regular meetings

Implementation of the action plan

  • Public events and activities
  • Planting of native species in local gardens
  • Construction of nest-boxes
  • Habitat restoration projects
  • Preparation of information leaflets
  • Monitoring of species and habitats
  • Species and habitat surveys
  • Fundraising


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