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Court reports

The Court has adjourned your case and asked for a report to assist it with sentencing you.

The Court has adjourned your case and asked for a report to assist it with sentencing you. A member of the Youth Offending Service (YOS) or their representative will have taken your details. This information describes what happens next.

What is the Youth Offending Team?

The Youth Offending Services works with ten to seventeen year olds living in the borough who become involved in the criminal justice system. It has officers in it from different services including: education, health, police, probation service and social services. When the court requests a report on a young person it is prepared by a member of the Youth Offending Services.

The interview

You will be given an appointment to attend the YOS office with your parent or carer. You will have to be interviewed on at least one occasion but more usually it will be two. Each interview will be very detailed and you can expect it to last approximately one-and-a-half hours. The information that will be asked for will include:

  • Your account of the offence and your involvement in it.
  • Your understanding of the victim and how they feel as a result of the offence.
  • Your current living arrangements, including relationships with your family and any significant others.
  • Your education and/or work history.
  • Your health including any substance misuse issues.
  • How you spend your free time.

Your parents/carers will be interviewed to see why they believe you have become involved in offending and if they require any assistance to help you stop.

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What other information is obtained about me?

Apart from the information you provide there will be other sources of information used in preparation of the report:

  • The Crown Prosecution's papers, with copies of all the statements and details of the case.
  • The victim will be contacted to see if they wish to participate in any part of the sentence.
  • School.
  • Health services. (Written consent will be required from yourself before your doctor will provide any information.)

What types of report are there?

There are three main types of report and the amount of information they contain varies; repatriation order and action plan order reports focus on specific sentences and how suitable they would be for you. A pre-sentence report is much more detailed and is usually asked for in the case of more serious offences or when the court requires information on a number of different sentences before deciding which is most suitable for you.

Who sees the report?

You will be invited to see the report before the hearing to ensure that you understand its content and what is being proposed as a sentence. You should make sure all the factual detail is correct.

At court copies of the report will be given to your solicitors/barrister, the prosecutor and the magistrates or judge.

All these people are aware that the information contained within the report is not to be discussed outside the court with anyone else. After the hearing a copy of the report will be left in the court file but all other copies will be returned to the Youth Offending Services.

Contact details

If you need any further information about this service please contact:

  • Hillingdon Youth Offending Services
    Link 1A, Civic Centre, High Street,
    Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1UW
    Tel: 01895 558203/556432

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