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Library computers and WiFi


What we offer:

  • Adult public access PCs: available at all libraries.  Sessions need to be pre-booked (either online using the the self-service booking facility or through a member of staff).  Users can book up to two sessions per day, subject to availability.  Each session can last up to two hours for library members, and up to one hour for non-members.  Document scanning facilities and Supernova Screen Reader Magnifier software are available on at least one PC at each library, please ask staff for details.
  • Express PCs or iMacs: available to library members aged 12 and over with a valid library card. Users can book up to two sessions per day, subject to availability and to a 15 minute enforced break after the first session.  Each self-service drop-in session can last up to 60 minutes.
  • Children public access PCs: available at all libraries, reserved for use by children aged 14 and under. Additional Internet Filtering rules are in operation on them to prevent unsuitable material being found. Users can book up to two sessions per day, subject to availability. Sessions can be pre-booked (either online using the the self-service booking facility or through a member of staff). Chargeable printing facilities are available.
  • Public access catalogue PCs: available at all libraries. Freely available for users to query Hillingdon Libraries Public Access Catalogue and Community Information Database, as well as to place item reservations and renew materials already on loan. No other Internet access or software is available. No printing facilities are available.
  • Free WiFi available to all visitors aged 11 and over. The name of the Wi-Fi hotspot is 'Hillingdon Libraries'. Please ask staff for the code, which is changed frequently.

Chargeable printing facilities are available; on the iMacs the printouts will be sent straight to the printer and each sheet will be chargeable, therefore please ensure to only print what is necessary. Printing is not available to WiFi users.

Further information about using our computers

Internet filtering

We have filtering for all public computers and WiFi  available in each of our 17 libraries.

Hillingdon library service is committed to providing free access to information via its public computers (available in all libraries in the borough) and WiFi .

We operate a filtering service with the aim that material which is illegal, or that we consider unsuitable to access in a public library, is unavailable - much in the same way as we do with our selection of books.

If you notice a page or website that you feel should not be available on our public PCs, or you feel a page or website should be available but is blocked, please email us with the full URL at librarycontact@hillingdon.gov.uk and we will review it.

As part of our child safeguarding procedures, we have further restrictions on children's PCs, and we cannot provide the WiFi code to anyone under the age of eleven.

This policy was reviewed in December 2016 and will be revisited in December 2017.

Acceptable internet usage

When using public internet at a Hillingdon library, you must abide by our policies whether using our devices or your own. Failure to abide by our policies could result in your session being terminated and may lead to a ban from using all Hillingdon library facilities. Illegal activity on library computer or WiFi facilities will be reported to the Police.  

Viewing, downloading or uploading any sites or materials that are unsuitable for viewing in a public library - including pornography, illegal or racist content - is prohibited.    

Library computer and WiFi facilities should not be used to download material in breach of copyright, or for engaging in illegal activity or gambling.

You should not harass, annoy or inconvenience any other person when using library computer and WiFi facilities. Examples include abusive or offensive emails, spamming, sending viruses or trolling in forums and on social media.

Be considerate of other users and respect other people's privacy.

Do not undermine the security of any computer system of network.

More information on our terms of use


Hillingdon council provides free access to PCs, iMacs and WiFi, subject to availability, and offers no guarantees that any use of these facilities is in any way secure, or that any privacy can be protected when using these services. Use of library computer and wireless facilities connection is entirely at the risk of the user, and the council is not responsible for any loss of any information that may arise from the use of hardware or connections, or for any loss, injury, or damages resulting from the use of these facilities.

All transactions including banking, online shopping and payments conducted over the Internet are at the user's own risk.

The library computer facilities and WiFi operate with a filtering service but cannot guarantee all unsuitable websites will be blocked.

The library computer facilities and WiFi operate with an antivirus but by connecting, the user acknowledges and accepts the risks associated with public access to the Internet and public use of an unsecured wireless network.

You, the user are solely responsible for the security and safety of your equipment, papers and personal belongings within Hillingdon Libraries.

Please do not leave your wireless laptop or other device unattended at any time.

Hillingdon Libraries cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred to your personal devices.

Full information on our disclaimers


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