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Using a Brown Badge in Hillingdon

Residents over 65 with a Brown Badge can use dedicated Brown Badge bays located in council owned car parks, on street and in some privately operated car parks in Hillingdon.

The Brown Badge scheme is part of the council's ongoing effort to improve parking facilities for local residents and provide easy-access parking for older motorists who may have mobility problems.

How the scheme works

London Borough of Hillingdon residents, aged over 65, can obtain a Brown Badge to park in Brown Badge bays within the borough.

Designated Brown Badge bays are located close to car park exit points and where possible, near to the pay and display machines.

A valid Brown Badge must be displayed clearly at all times when parking in a designated Brown Badge bay. 

Brown Badge holders are required to pay the appropriate parking charge at the pay and display ticket machine.

Where can I park? Brown Badge sign on street

In Brown Badge bays located in all council operated public car parks.

Within on street Brown Badge bays located in:

  • High Street, Ruislip 
  • Belmont Road, Uxbridge
  • Coldharbour Lane, Hayes

The following privately operated car parks also have Brown Badge bays:

  • Beck Theatre, Grange Road, Hayes 
  • Botwell Green Sports and Leisure Centre, East Avenue, Hayes
  • Breakspear Crematorium, Breakspear Road, Ruislip
  • Cranford Country Park, Cranford
  • Harefield Business Park, Harefield Road, Uxbridge
  • Haste Hill Golf Club, The Drive, Northwood
  • Highgrove Pool and Fitness Centre, Eastcote Road, Ruislip
  • Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Centre, Gatting Way, Uxbridge
  • Intu  Uxbridge Shopping Centre, High Street, Uxbridge
  • Ruislip Lido, Reservoir Road, Ruislip
  • Sainsbury's, Lombardy Retail Park, Coldharbour Lane, Hayes
  • West Ruislip Station, Ickenham Road, Ruislip


  • Brown Badge holders also displaying a valid Blue Badge are not required to pay parking charges when parked in Brown Badge bays.
  • Brown Badge holders also displaying a valid car park permit are not required to pay charges within the car park covered by that permit.

Vehicles parked in a Brown Badge bay without displaying a valid Brown Badge and one of the following are liable to be issued with a penalty charge notice:

  • appropriate payment
  • appropriate car park permit
  • Blue Badge

Apply, using the button below. You will need to register/sign in before taken to the Brown Badge application form.

Apply for a Brown Badge

You must be over 65 and a resident of the borough. You will not be able to use this link to apply unless you are over 65.


All existing Brown Badges will be automatically renewed and posted to all badge holders before their current badge expires.

Further information

If you have moved home, need assistance in applying for a badge or need further information about the scheme, or you no longer need the badge, please contact our Brown Badge Team on either of the following.

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