Our local offer for care leavers

When you turn 18 or are no longer in care, you will be allocated a personal adviser who will offer advice, support and help you prepare to live independently.

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Children and young people's rights
Your rights

As a care leaver in Hillingdon, you have a right to:

  • be involved in all decisions about your plans for leaving care
  • a personal adviser
  • contribute to your pathway plan and for this to be reviewed every 6 months
  • see information about yourself
  • support from an independent advocate if you are thinking about challenging decisions about the care we give you
  • make a complaint.

Personal adviser

Your personal adviser (PA) will provide you with support with lots of things, including housing, money, education, employment and training.

They will talk with you about what support you need and record this information in your pathway plan.

This support will be available to you until reach the age of 25 and is also provided to returning care leavers.

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Depending on your needs, these may include:

  • staying put - allows you to stay with your foster carer until you are 21
  • supported accommodation / semi independent - if you chose to move on from your placement, you will have priority access to some supported accommodation, which might suit you if you need extra help and support before you can live on your own
  • independent housing, including social housing (accommodation managed by local councils or a housing association) - you would be responsible for keeping on top of your bills and following your tenancy agreement.

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Education, training and employment

We have good links with local further education colleges and universities, and can:

  • provide you with advice and guidance regarding your choices and options
  • support you in applying for courses
  • help you request/obtain financial support with, for example, paying tuition fees and accommodation, if you choose to go to university
  • support you with costs of tools, equipment, essential clothing and books and/or travelling to training, school/college, apprenticeships or job interviews.

Finances / money

Your PA will:

Health and wellbeing
Health and wellbeing

Your PA will:

  • help you register with a doctor, dentist and optician 
  • support you to stay healthy and look after your emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • help you access the summaries of your health assessments, which were made while you were in care
  • give you information about local counselling services, children's centres, health drop-in centres and other local services.

If you are a parent, we will take an interest in your child(ren) and support you to do the best for them.

Your participation

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Your PA will:

  • help you apply for a HillingdonFirst card, which gives you discount at leisure centres and library facilities
  • provide information on groups and clubs that you may wish to join, including our Stepping Out group
  • inform you about voluntary work you might be interested in.


We will also support you to:

  • get a form of ID, such as a passport
  • get your National Insurance Number
  • open a bank account.
Page last updated: 24 Aug 2022