Dropped kerbs/vehicle crossings

It is illegal to drive over grass verges or pavements unless a vehicle crossing is in place. Find out information and how to apply for a vehicle crossing for business or personal use.

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Parking in your driveway

Make sure your driveway complies with current laws.

Driveway size

Suitable parking areas within your property should:

  • be at least 4.8 metres long, measured from the front of your house to the boundary of your property
  • be minimum 2.4 metres wide
  • have enough space around this area for pedestrian access.

Driveway/front garden material

Porous materials

New planning legislation requires the owners/occupiers of properties installing a new hard surface (or repairing/replacing an existing surface) to the front of their premises, to use porous materials or provide for water to drain away naturally within the curtilage of the property, for example to a garden border.

The paved area must conform to one of the following (otherwise separate planning permission will be required):

  • be constructed in permeable material; or 
  • drain to a permeable area, soft landscaping or a soak away within the site and not into any system that leads to a public drain; or
  • have a hard surface of less than 5 metres squared if it's not permeable and does not drain to a permeable area, soft landscaping or soak away.

Materials will not be considered permeable where bedded on an impermeable base.


25% of the front area of the property should have soft landscaping to allow for natural drainage.

Surface water must not discharge from the front paved area onto the public footway. Where the front paved area slopes towards the public highway, adequate drainage provision must be provided, for example, a drainage channel at the highway threshold connected to a soakaway.

Gravel driveways 

Gravel can be carried on to the road by vehicles, especially where the surface comes up to the boundary. If gravel is used, concrete or blacktop should be laid in a 500 millimetre strip from the boundary to the start of the graveled area. This will help to reduce the problem. If the material is carried onto the road, it's the occupier's responsibility to remove it by sweeping etc.

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