Hillingdon Improvement Programme

This programme is managed by the HIP Steering Group, chaired by the Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Edwards, and provides the strategic direction for HIP across all the different projects. The Steering Group consists of members of the council's Cabinet and the council's directors.

HIP Programme 2020 to 2021

Corporate finance

Strong financial management is key to ensuring that the council can maintain the services that our residents need, at the best value for money.

Robust management of the council's finances underpins all of the HIP projects to ensure that the council provides the most efficient services.

Business Improvement Delivery (BID)

As a council we are committed to putting residents first. Our Business Improvement Delivery (BID) programme aims to deliver services that residents value, and identify and improve the way we work.

This programme is moving at speed and is already delivering improvements in many areas. We have had some very positive feedback from residents on changes we have made.

Through BID we are:

  • removing red tape to simplify how we work
  • putting our residents at the heart of everything we do
  • recognising what residents value about our services
  • focusing on getting things right first time

Technology, innovation and communications

This workstream looks at ensuring we provide excellent customer service through our Contact Centre, website, One Stop Shop and the services we deliver.

The workstream strives to provide improved and more convenient services for our residents by developing online services that may be used 24/7.

It also introduced and continues to support the Hillingdon First card which enables residents to get discounts in participating shops, use as a library card, reduced parking charges, free waste disposal at the Harefield waste disposal site and discounts at leisure centres. 

As well as continuing to support the overall programme, the communication aspects of the workstream have been on specific areas under three themes: 

ResidentsEnsuring residents are well informed about the council and council services
PartnersStrong inter-agency and joint partner communications is essential for building reputation and branding Hillingdon
StaffA better informed work place will be better equipped to deliver new ways of working and modern, efficient services to residents to support the changing culture of the council



The Health workstream covers the range of projects the council is undertaking with Health providers in the borough.

Specifically, the workstream will cover the following:

  • development of the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • integrated commissioning of community-based services with health especially in delivering the Better Care Fund for Hillingdon Ensuring an effective Healthwatch Hillingdon and NHS complaints advocacy service
  • relationship building with GPs
  • policy, intelligence and horizon scanning

The potential impacts of NHS reform on the council and residents are considerable. We must ensure we respond to the changing environment, minimises the financial risk involved, and put our residents first by improving and joining up health and social care provision.

Environmental projects

  • The Family Fishing Fun Days - These are very popular, with people of all ages coming from far and wide to give fishing a try and take part in the free activities available on the lawn area.
  • Ruislip Lido enhancement project - The improvements on site have been completed and include improved car parking and catering facilities, an extended beach area, new dog beach, outdoor gym, fishing platforms, new perimeter fencing, a new bird feeding area and enhancements to The Ruislip Lido Railway Society's narrow gauge railway. A wood carving was installed as part of a public art project and the site was awarded a Green Flag for the first time.  
  • Little Britain - A 15 diffuser aeration system to assist with dissolved oxygen levels in the lake was introduced in August 2014. Extra fishing platforms were installed close to the picnic area end of the lake.
  • Rural Activities Garden Centre - The majority of the enhancement work has been completed and the Garden Centre is now open six days a week.

Heritage and civic pride

This workstream focuses on delivering specific Heritage/Civic Pride projects within the borough, building a historic legacy and promoting local arts and culture.

  • Commemorative blue plaques - The latest plaque was erected in October 2013 at Harmondsworth Village for Sir Barnes Wallis CBE designer of the R100 airship, geodetic construction, Upkeep, Highball, Tallboy and Grand Slam bombs. Pioneer of swing-wing and tailless aircraft and hypersonic flight.

Capital programme and property

The main aim for this workstream is to maximise the council's property and land assets and provide an overview of asset development being undertaken to council properties as part of the Capital Programme.

The Capital programme consists of projects to develop corporate and community sites, the council's housing development programme, sites developed in the housing zone and the School expansion, development and maintenance programmes.

This involves the ongoing asset management and review of the council's property and land assets with a view to maximising the uses or to release land/buildings that are surplus to requirements, thus providing capital receipts.

Estates Management has a complete overview of all properties and land owned by the council ensuring that the full potential is being gained from each property asset. The strategic management of the council's property portfolio, provides improved fit for services, more shared use and lower costs.  

St Andrew's Park

This workstream was originally set up to manage the assessment of future planning applications for the redevelopment of the RAF Uxbridge site. This covered a number of important issues, including the pre-application stage, further community consultation, the assessment of the planning application and s106 negotiations as well as other matters ongoing in the project.

This large strategic site provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide leisure and cultural facilities, housing and a range of other facilities for our residents, helping to join up the High Street with the surrounding areas. By working closely with the developer on the master plan for the site, we will help to ensure Hillingdon gets maximum benefit from any development of this site, whilst retaining the character of the borough.

School estates

The School Estates programme aims to achieve improvements for young people and the wider community across Hillingdon by investing in the schools so that their accommodation and facilities are fit for purpose and provide a good environment for learning.

A key objective of the primary element of the School Estates workstream is to ensure that there are sufficient school places in the borough. This work is necessary because of the growth in birth rates and the higher level of pupil retention in Hillingdon.


The workstream is concerned with the delivery of a range of housing options for residents working closely with partners to develop new housing and make use of existing housing. It looks at:

  • access to housing that is affordable and suitable for a range of residents needs, including newly forming household, those needing to move home and homeless households;
  • housing standards across tenures including safety, management standards, energy efficiency and adapting to climate change;
  • promoting independent living and supporting vulnerable households;
  • engaging residents and co-ordination of housing service delivery with key partners including planning and health and social care.
Page last updated: 28 Jan 2021