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Police cordons

There are three types of cordon at the scene of an incident (two specifically managed by the police).

Road closed

Inner cordon

The inner cordon is set up around the immediate locality of the incident. Managed by the local police or the Fire Brigade if the incident is considered potentially dangerous. It provides security of the immediate incident area and any potential crime scenes.

Outer cordon

Sealing off a controlled area surrounding the inner cordon is important during the response to an incident so that all access and exit points can be controlled by the police. Any person(s) requesting access will be required to provide suitable authorisation and identification. The control/command vehicles of the emergency services will be positioned between the inner and outer cordons.

Traffic cordons

A traffic cordon is deployed at or beyond the outer cordon to restrict vehicle access to the area surrounding the incident scene. This is crucial to the emergency services to ensure that there is free passage for all of their vehicles in and out of the site. 

During an emergency, can I gain access to my home or business if it is inside a Police cordon?

The purpose of a police cordon is primarily to protect the public by removing people from the danger area.

It is also important for the response effort so that the emergency services have free, unhindered access to the scene. Access to the cordon area will be restricted to emergency response personnel only and will be strictly enforced. The public will not be allowed access to buildings inside the cordon area until after the response phase has been completed and the council assumes responsibility for the recovery phase. Only when the emergency services deems it safe for the return of the public will they be allowed back onto the scene.

For incidents that have long lasting consequences, special arrangements may be made by the council, in consultation with other agencies, for brief access to be granted to stakeholders to enter their premises to observe signs of damage and insurance claims. We understand that for every day that a cordon is in operation, consequences are felt by businesses and families and we will attempt to reduce and eventually dismantle all cordons as soon as it is safe to do so.

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