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Register your dropped kerb

A vehicular access dropped kerb is provided to assist the residents and businesses getting their vehicles back on the road or in their driveway.

Parking across a driveway

For parking enforcement purposes there are two types of dropped kerb:

  • dropped kerb that serves a single occupancy driveway
  • dropped kerb that serves multiple occupancy driveway or more than one driveway

Dropped kerb that serves a single occupancy driveway

Enforcement action can only be instigated at the request of the occupier of the premises.

A single occupancy driveway - is a driveway used solely by one property and served by a dedicated dropped kerb, which is not used or shared by other properties.

  • Any resident, not previously registered, who finds their dropped kerb blocked by an inconsiderate motorist should register now.
  • If you don't have a dropped kerb, but would like one, here is how to apply.

Once registered please phone the council's parking enforcement hotline on 01895 271 418, between the following hours:

  • 6am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • 8am to 10pm (Sundays and bank holidays)

They will then arrange for a Civil Enforcement Officer to visit the location and carry out appropriate enforcement.

Dropped kerb that serves multiple occupancy driveway or more than one driveway

A multiple occupancy driveway - is a driveway used by more than one property (a) or served by a dropped kerb that is used or shared by more than one property (b) See below eg shared driveway, access to a block of flats or an office block.

As more than one person may use this type of dropped kerb you cannot park across it even with the permission of the occupier.

We carry out regular borough wide enforcement against vehicles causing obstruction to this type of dropped kerb. This type of dropped kerb does not have to be registered for enforcement purposes.

 (a) Multiple occupancy driveway                (b) Multiple occupancy driveway dropped kerb

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