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Detailed maps

If you require a map that shows building names and house numbers, you can view the up-to-date Ordnance Survey 1:1250 scale maps covering the area of the London Borough of Hillingdon at Uxbridge Library

Unfortunately, the Ordnance Survey Copyright Licence does not allow us to let you make copies from this set, except under the "fair dealing" rules:

  • Up to four photocopies of a small (A4) extract from one of the library's map set may be obtained under the "fair dealing" scheme. These copies must be for the purpose of your "research, private study, criticism or review". The Central Library also holds historical maps of the borough, going back to the early 1800s.
  • Ordnance Survey Copyright and Public Libraries (opens in a new window)

Map sets required to accompany a planning or building control application can be obtained from either:

Maps for school projects

If your child attends one of the LEA schools within the Hillingdon Borough we can supply them with a map extract for use in the project. However, the request should be accompanied by a letter from the school. We would prefer the school to make the map request for the class rather than be visited by every child in the year.

This would not prevent them obtaining copies from the Uxbridge Library under the "fair dealing rules". The Uxbridge Library also has a Local Studies section which may be of help for projects like this.

Court cases

If you need a map/aerial photograph of where the incident occurred, we can only help when reproduction is officially called for, by the Court, in connection with any proceedings in parliamentary, judicial, Royal Commission or statutory inquiry matters once they have begun. In these cases it is normal for the police or court to contact us direct. We cannot supply extracts during the preparation activities running up to the start of the proceedings.

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