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More energy saving tips

There are so many ways to save on fuel bills and prevent climate change that either cost little or nothing.

Energy efficiency bulbs

More energy saving tips

No cost tips

  • Don't waste heat by keeping windows open when the heating is on
  • Have your hot water thermostat set to 55-60ºC
  • A shower uses a lot less hot water than a bath
  • Close all curtains at dusk to keep the heat in
  • Keep internal doors closed to reduce draughts
  • Turn off lights and appliances that are not being used
  • Choose the right size pan for the food you are cooking and for the cooker hob. Keep the lid on
  • When you use a washing machine, wash a full load each time
  • Defrost your fridge regularly to keep it running efficiently
  • Don't leave your TV and video on standby; turn off the main switches

Low cost tips

  • You may be eligible for a grant for some of these
  • Make sure your hot water cylinder is well insulated
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Use low wattage energy saving bulbs
  • Fix brush seals to exterior doors and letterboxes
  • Fix shelves above radiators to direct warm air into the room
  • Put aluminium foil behind radiators
  • Loft and cavity wall insulation - you may be eligible for a grant for these!

We've given you some examples below. If you'd like more information about ways to save energy and keep warm and healthy in your home, contact the Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre on 0800 512 012. 

Have you thought about generating your own electricity or heating for your house?

Calculate your running costs

Calculate the annual running cost and carbon emissions for thousands of appliances and electricals. (Note: we do not monitor this site and do not take responsibility for the content.)


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