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Conduct guidelines for students and young adults

We look forward to welcoming students and we hope our libraries provide a relaxing space to revise or take a break from the stresses of exams. Staff are always happy to help.

We ask students to be aware that libraries are used by lots of different people throughout the year. We can't guarantee study space, and no public library can guarantee a silent study environment. Equally, we ask that students abide by the same guidelines all members of the public are asked to adhere to. All local schools have agreed that the guidelines below should be followed. Please observe the following points to ensure both you and those around you can enjoy the library safely.


Many of our libraries have specific study areas. You are welcome to use any designated area, but you cannot reserve a space.

Please respect silent study areas and be mindful of those around you throughout the library.

Please use designated areas for group revision and study and be mindful of the library environment.

Do not leave any of your personal belongings unattended - items left are not secure and may be removed.

If you need a chair or study space, please speak to a member of staff and do not move furniture between floors.

The library is a community hub and we invite groups in throughout the year, including pre-school children and older people - we do not suspend 'noisy' community activities during your study period.

Using the library

You can drink in the library and eat cold snacks. Some libraries may have designated areas - please check.

Please do not bring any hot, smelly or messy food or drink into the library.

Computer desks are reserved for computer users only and should not be used as a study space. Chairs at these desks should not be moved.

Most libraries have areas where you can charge your electronic devices - check with staff, and only use the plugs designated for public use.

Please be considerate of the library environment - do not graffiti or damage furniture, place feet on tables, etc. Use bins provided for your rubbish.

Be aware that our libraries are open plan and sound can carry!


We understand that the revision period can be stressful and the library is a place to relax as well as study, but please respect that staff may have to remind you to keep the noise down or to moderate behaviour.

When our guidelines are not adhered to, library staff can ask you to leave the library. Staff can also ask to see your school ID, which you should produce on request. Failure to do so could lead to a report going in to your school.

Antisocial, aggressive or intimidating behaviour, including swearing at staff, will be reported to your school/college and the Police. 

There is CCTV throughout the borough libraries, which records live and is stored for several weeks. It is viewed by security staff and the Metropolitan Police.

Any incident that breaches the library service conduct guidelines may result in consequences with the school and/or police.

Our conduct guidelines are supported by all local schools

We know that the majority of students come and use our facilities with consideration for others and we welcome every member of the community into Hillingdon libraries. We hope you enjoy using our facilities for study, relaxation and enjoyment. 

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