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Removing abandoned bicycles

Removing abandoned bicycles

How to report a pedal cycle abandoned on public land.

The council has the power to remove abandoned pedal cycles from areas of the public highway.

Reporting criteria

A pedal cycle will be classed as abandoned if it meets 1 or more of the following criteria:

  • it's secured in a dangerous position (for example, blocking the public highway)
  • it's secured to a council cycle rack and is unroadworthy
  • it's in an inappropriate place (for example illegally parked or chained to street furniture) and is unroadworthy
  • when it's reported by a member of the public and assessed as unroadworthy or in a dangerous position
  • when it's noted as not having moved for a reasonable period of time (several weeks)

Unroadworthy criteria

A pedal cycle will be classed as unroadworthy if it features 2 of more of the following:

  • flat front/rear/both tyres
  • missing wheel
  • missing seat
  • buckled front/rear/both wheels
  • bent forks
  • seized/damaged brakes
  • rusted chain/gears
  • missing chain

Report an abandoned cycle

If your bike has been removed

Once a pedal cycle has been identified as abandoned, a notice will be placed on the bike for 14 days before it's removed. After it's been removed, the bike will be stored in a secure location for a further 21 days before it's donated to the charity Recycle-a-Bike, based in Fassnidge Park, Uxbridge.

During this period, should anyone wish to object to the bike's removal or seek to claim a bicycle back, please contact the transport and projects team by emailing or calling 01895 558309.

Please note: Any owner wanting to make a claim on a removed pedal cycle will be asked to prove ownership by providing a description of where it was last left. If basic evidence cannot be provided, the pedal cycle will not be returned.

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2023