Cookies are small data files that are sometimes placed on your computer when you visit a website. We use cookies to save your preferences and settings to make it easier for you to use our website. No personal information is recorded, so you cannot be identified and cookie information is not stored permanently on our servers. You can manage or remove cookies within the settings of your web browser.

How we use cookies

The cookies we use are listed below. Unless otherwise stated, they all expire when you close your web browser, or when you have been inactive for a long time - normally about 20 minutes.

NameDescriptionExample valueWhen set
JSESSIONIDImproving speed and user experienceDC6F775B491AA8A63808883EF5E15F6BFirst visit
fmnFind my nearest preferencesVICARAGE%20CLOSE%3BHA4%207
First visit
baseUser preferences for page layout1,2,3User action
textUser preferences for page layout1,2,3User action
deviceUser preferences for page layout1,2,3User action
myarticleidSet navigation menu position on redirection2269, 24118Redirection
PHPSESSIDEnvironmental cookieFirst useFirst visit on various applications

Online forms

NameDescriptionWhen set
formsDesignerPanelWidthInternal useFirst use
formsDesignerPanelWidthInternal useFirst use

Customer self-service accounts 

NameDescriptionWhen set
ASP.NET_SessionIdImproving speed and user experienceFirst use

Tenant and leaseholder accounts  

NameDescriptionWhen set
customeridYour current login IDSuccessful login
myformdataData to pass into a form to save you typingSuccessful login

Supplier accounts

NameDescriptionWhen set
ASP.NET_SessionIDImproving speed and user experienceFirst use
validPSuserUser statusSuccessful login

Social media and networking websites

We provide access to content and sharing options from social media and networking websites, such as AddThis, YouTube, X and others, which may set cookies that the council does not control. Please check with these third party websites to see how your information is used.

Third party cookies

Some of our suppliers set third party cookies that the council does not control, such as Google Analytics, which stores information about how you use our website, such as the pages you visit.

Cookie nameDescriptionWhen setExpires
Google Analytics__utm*Gathering information about which pages website users visitVarious30 mins to 2 years
Google Analytics_gaUsed to distinguish usersVarious30 mins to 2 years
Google Analytics_ga_X1E0WNPNV4Used to persist session stateVarious30 mins to 2 years
Microsoft Clarity_clckPersists the Clarity User ID and preferences, unique to that site is attributed to the same user IDVarious1 to 2 years
Microsoft Clarity_clskHelps us understand how you use our site by telling us which pages you've visitedVarious1 day
Microsoft ClarityCLIDIdentifies if you have previously used another site that also uses Microsoft ClarityVarious1 to 2 years
Microsoft ClarityANONCHKShows if information about your use of Microsoft sites is shared with a cookie called ANID (used for advertising).Various1 to 2 years
Microsoft ClarityMRIndicates whether to refresh the information from the MUID cookieVarious1 to 2 years
Microsoft ClarityMUIDIdentifies if you have used any Microsoft sites before (for advertising, site analytics, and other operational purposes)Various1 to 2 years
Microsoft ClaritySMUsed to synchronise the information from the MUID cookie across Microsoft sitesVarious30 mins to 2 years


Read more about Google Analytics cookie usage (opens new window)

Read more about Microsoft Clarity's cookie usage (opens new window)