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Apply for an allotment, report an issue with an allotment or tell us about a lost allotment site key.

AllotmentsWe own 35 allotment sites across the borough. The majority are managed directly by us but 7 are self-managed by allotment associations on our behalf.

Applying for an allotment

We are currently updating our application process and unfortunately cannot take any more applicants at this time. Once the process has been updated, we will look to open this to the public again. Please check back on our website for updates.

Please note: You must be a resident living in the borough of Hillingdon to apply for an allotment plot.

All bills are sent in the post in April of each year, please see below prices of the allotments.

View allotment prices [111KB]

For more information on how allotments are measured, visit the National Allotment Society website.

Plot holders aged 65 or over are granted free rent and there are concessionary rates for those registered disabled, medically retired, unemployed, or receiving Income Support. 

Read the allotment terms and conditions [96KB]

Applying for permission for a shed

Sheds must not exceed 8 feet by 6 feet. As set out in the tenancy agreement, allotment holders must apply for permission to install structures on their plot that are greater than 29.5 inches in height.

Reporting problems with an allotment

If you have lost your gate key, we can provide a replacement key. We will try to ensure that a new key is issued within 10 working days. The plot holder will need to provide us with the name of the site they hold a plot at.

Report lost gate key

Occasionally, allotment sites are targeted by vandals. If damage occurs to items such as fencing, gates, communal sheds and signs we will make every effort to repair or make these safe as soon as possible. When reporting vandalised infrastructure, please ensure that we are provided with the name of the allotment site concerned. If plot holders find that they have had personal belongings vandalised (including items such as sheds and crops) they should report this to the police as soon as they possibly can.

Report vandalism in an allotment

We try to ensure that all council managed allotment sites are maintained to a high standard. If a problem with a site is identified we will try to get a repair arranged as soon as possible. The most common repairs we carry out are rectifying leaks on water tanks, repairs to damaged gates and work to trees to ensure that they are safe.

Report repair required on allotments

We aim to cut the overgrown grass and vegetation on vacant plots once or twice a year. Grass cutting is carried out in summer and autumn.

Report an overgrown allotment

We do not collect rubbish from allotment sites and plot holders are responsible for disposing of any waste that they may generate whilst working their plot. If waste is dumped on allotments, please let us know and we will take steps to get it removed and take enforcement action where possible. When reporting dumped rubbish please provide us with the name of the allotment and the location of the waste.

Report dumped rubbish in an allotment

Self-managed allotments

If you are interested in applying for one of the self-managed sites, please contact them directly:

Page last updated: 09 Apr 2021