Information on allotment availability, and how to report an allotment issue or lost key.

Important information about availability of allotment plots

Due to current demand, the waiting lists for allotment sites are now closed.

Applicants who have previously applied and are on a waiting list will only be contacted if/when an allotment garden becomes available. 

Existing allotment garden plot tenants

Please note: Bonfires, hosepipes and sprinkler systems are not permitted on allotments.

Reporting problems with an allotment

If you experience any of the following issues at one of our allotments, you can report it to us using our online form below.

  • Lost allotment gate key
    If you have lost your gate key, we can provide a replacement key for the cost of £5 within 10 working days of the submitted form. 
  • Vandalism in an allotment
    If fencing, gates, communal sheds and signs are vandalised, we will make every effort to repair or make these safe as soon as possible. If plot holders have personal items vandalised (including sheds and crops), they should report this to the police as soon as they possibly can and get a CAD reference number.
  • Repair required on allotments
    If a repair is required (leaks on water tanks, repairs to damaged gates and work to trees to ensure that they are safe), we will get this arranged as soon as possible. 
  • Overgrown allotment
    We aim to cut overgrown grass and vegetation on vacant plots twice a year. Grass cutting is carried out in summer and autumn.
  • Fly tipping in an allotment
    We do not collect rubbish from allotment sites; plot holders are responsible for disposing of any waste that they may generate whilst working their plot. If waste is dumped on allotments, please let us know and we will take steps to get it removed and take enforcement action where possible. When reporting dumped rubbish, please provide us with the name of the allotment site and the location of the waste.

Report an issue with an allotment

Self-managed allotments

If you are interested in applying for one of the self-managed sites, please contact them directly:

Page last updated: 27 Sep 2023