Cranford County Park catering update

We are accepting offers for the lease of the new café at Cranford County Park.

Letting details

Cranford Park cafe
We are now accepting offers for the lease of the café at Cranford Country Park. 

If you are interested in this catering opportunity, read the proposal, and apply as detailed in the document. 

Read the proposal (PDF) [749KB]

The dealine for applications is the 20 January 2023, for any questions and queries relating to this opportunity, please email

The New Café

A new single storey café building is being erected on the foundations of the smoking room and dining room of the former house.  It will be single storey, of brick with extensive windows looking out over the pleasure grounds and the new playground. 

Immediately to the south, will be an external area shaded by a cantilevered canopy, with a further external area beyond that, all contained within the former house plan, which will be marked out in brick/stone.  Marking out the former service area of the house, at the north-eastern end, will be a small garden. 

Page last updated: 13 Jan 2023