Harefield Civic Amenity Site safety rules

Our Harefield Civic Amenity Site has heavy machinery operating and a constant flow of traffic. Rules are in place to make sure your visit is as quick, easy and safe as possible.

The following site rules must  be followed at all times.  
Failure to comply with these rules may result in being refused entry or directed to leave the site immediately. 

Householders and traders 

  • This site is accessible by vehicle only. Pedestrians are not allowed to carry waste onto the site. 
  • A speed limit of 5 mph applies. 
  • No idle engines - please turn your engine off while your vehicle is stationary. 
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted on site - this includes inside vehicles. 
  • Do not use mobile phones on site - you may be asked to leave if seen using a mobile phone. 
  • Do not wear earbuds/headphones on site. 
  • Site users must always take precautions, as others may be crossing to dispose of their waste in the correct bays. 
  • Park in the bays/area provided. Always reverse into the bays. 
  • Use marked pedestrian walkways and crossings. 
  • Follow instructions given by site operatives, signs, notices and markings. 
  • Ask site staff for advice and assistance, if needed. 
  • Report any hazards to site staff immediately.  
  • If first aid is needed, approach site staff. 
  • Do not throw waste over the fences, except for in the designated tipping point. 
  • Wear sensible footwear that encloses and protects your feet.  
  • Children under the age of 16 and animals must remain in vehicles at all times. 
  • Verbal abuse and physical violence towards any of our staff or other site users will not be tolerated. Users responsible for this kind of behaviour will be reported to the police and banned from using any of our sites. 
  • Do not loiter at the site. 
  • If you hear the fire alarm, exit your vehicle, and make your way to the assembly point, located near the main gates. 
  • Only authorised contractors may remove materials. 

Traders only

  • Traders must wear high-visibility clothing and footwear that encloses and protects your feet. Open-toed footwear is not suitable. 
  • The weighbridge operates a one-in and one-out system.

Routine site closures

Harefield Civic Amenity Site is subject to temporary closures for routine and container movements, which take about 15 minutes.

Temporarily closures are needed to allow processes to happen safely and are kept to a minimum.

We ask that site users wait patiently; we will open again as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Page last updated: 31 Mar 2023