New civic partnership forged to benefit Hillingdon communities

Wednesday 25 January 2023: Hillingdon Council is celebrating the formation of a new partnership with the internationally renowned Brunel University London which will see both organisations work collaboratively to foster positive opportunities for the borough.

Brunel University London's Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Andrew Jones (l) and Leader of Hillingdon Council, Cllr Ian Edwards (r)
The vision is to "actively combine the talents of staff, facilities and resources to improve the wellbeing and prosperity of those who live, work and study in Hillingdon." 

The partnership will work flexibly to enable it to respond to changing needs within the community, and both organisations have agreed on four key priority areas:  

Health and wellbeing - to use data and analysis to deliver solutions to reduce health inequalities and new approaches to integrated care and public health.  

Environment, climate and biodiversity - to deliver carbon neutrality, examine sustainable transport opportunities, develop innovative approaches to waste management, recycling and the circular economy and improve biodiversity.  

Economy and skills - to deliver jobs and opportunities for training and enhancing skills. To help drive economic growth through support for businesses and encourage inward investment.  

Social impact and culture - to engage the community to gauge the social and cultural interventions which will have most impact. To provide support to community groups through targeted grants and volunteering schemes to increase their resilience and establish a broad and inclusive programme of events and activities.  

In addition, both organisations will work together to develop their workforces and to utilise expertise and skills across them, including providing professional development and placement opportunities for students. The partnership will also seek out and utilise funding opportunities to make a difference to the borough. 

The partnership will be led by a joint Board, bringing together senior leaders from both the council and the university, who will develop and oversee a programme of joint work.  

Leader of Hillingdon Council, Cllr Ian Edwards, said: "We're delighted to have formed this new civic partnership with the highly regarded Brunel University London.  

"The affiliation links to all five of the council's strategic commitments for 2022-26 and will allow both organisations to collaborate more closely on a variety of key local issues and create a multitude of positive opportunities and outcomes for residents, students and businesses." 

Brunel University London's Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Andrew Jones, said: "We at Brunel look forward to working closely with our valued partner Hillingdon Council to solve issues and foster opportunities that will boost the economy and enhance the lives of people in the local community in Uxbridge and across the borough."

Page last updated: 27 Jul 2023