Information for SEND professionals

Useful information and advice relating to working with children and young people with SEND.

Our SEND and Inclusion Service

Our SEND and Inclusion Service is made up of the SEND Advisory Service (SAS) and the SEND Statutory Team. Both teams consist of multi-disciplinary professionals and share the aim of supporting the individual needs of children and young people with SEND.

SEND Advisory Service (SAS)

SAS is a multi-disciplinary early intervention service that supports pupils with additional needs. 

We provide non-statutory funding (where applicable), have a robust training offer for professionals and parents/carers, and provide whole school/setting development through the SEND Review and Inclusion Commitment.   

The SEND Advisory Service includes the following teams:  

  • early years advisory team, which is made up of a principal SEND advisor, early years autism advisors, and early years SEND advisors   
  • schools advisory team, which is made up of a principal SEND advisor, ASD advisors , an educational psychologist, and a language advisor   
  • sensory impairment team, which is made up of hearing impairment specialist teachers / support practitioners, visual impairment specialist teachers / support practitioners, and a multi-sensory impairment specialist teacher
  • SEND keyworker team, which is made up of SEND keyworkers and senior SEND keyworkers . 

We welcome referrals (from early years providers, schools, and post-16 settings) for one-to-one support for children and young people with SEND who require support in the setting environment.

SAS also accepts referrals from all relevant professionals to support children and young people with SEND and their families in the home environment through our SEND Keyworking Service.  

Referrals to SAS need to be made through the Stronger Families Hub. 

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SEND Statutory Team 

The SEND Statutory Team is a multi-disciplinary statutory service who is responsible for Education Health Care Needs Assessments (EHCNA) and Education Health Care Plans (EHCP). Once school resources and pre-statutory services have been exhausted, the specialist team provides support throughout the EHCP process.

Meetings to support families are provided by the team. These include liaison meetings, 'way forward' meetings after a 'no to assess' decision and co-production meetings. 

For more information about the EHCNA and EHNCA pathways, please visit our SEND Education and Learning section​​​​​​​.

Page last updated: 11 Jul 2024