New film asks, could you be a foster carer?

Tuesday 26 September 2023: Hillingdon Council has today (Tuesday 26 September) launched a powerful advertising film encouraging residents to consider becoming a foster carer.

A film set, crew and actress, who's in a wheel chair
Any Of Us, illustrates that any of us can foster a child or young person, if we have the capacity to care.   

It tells three different stories from diverse foster carers,  based around them sharing their experiences with people considering fostering. Each show some of the caring attributes and instincts fundamental to being a foster carer through incidents from their daily lives.   

Hillingdon has more than 40 years of experience in fostering, and is proud to work with its exceptional foster carers to make sure that children in need of accommodation receive love and care in a safe family home.  

The council provides support to foster children and their caregivers and is available to both around the clock offering a range of professional help and advice.   

A team of expert social workers, psychologists, and other professionals work tirelessly to meet the needs of each foster family.  

Generous financial support is also provided to carers to help with the cost of looking after a child.  

The council also has strong partnerships with local schools and various borough services, creating a seamless transition for children into their new homes.   

Its unique offering of comprehensive care and support and its invaluable local connections sets the local authority apart from other foster care organisations.  

Cllr Susan O'Brien, Hillingdon Council's Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education, said: "Fostering with us means that you can support your local community by working with a service that is dedicated to helping local children and young people who need a safe, nurturing home.  

"We hope that this emotive film encourages caring residents to visit our website to learn more about fostering with us, come along to one of our fostering information events and register their interest in looking after a child."  

Watch our new film here

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