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A guide for service users

Hillingdon Shared Lives Scheme offers accommodation, care and support in a family setting.

You will be encouraged to take part in family life, as well as being supported to access your local community. Placements can be long term, short term or for respite.

Before you are placed with a carer, we will arrange for you to visit the carer a few times to get to know each other. You are welcome to bring a family member, friend or advocate with you to meet the carer.

We aim to ensure that the person that cares for you helps you to live a normal life in the community, encourages you to be part of their daily, family life and helps you to stay safe and well.

How do you know these carers are suitable?

The scheme finds people who want to be Shared Lives carers then:

  • carries out checks, including enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check
  • makes sure they are the right kind of people to be carers, have the skills and experience they need to support you
  • provides training
  • visit the carers regularly to make sure everything is okay

What will my Shared Lives carer do?

  • provide a safe, secure and homely environment
  • include you in family life
  • support you to be part of your local community
  • support you to learn new skills and promote your independence
  • treat you with respect, making sure your views and cultural needs are taken into account
  • support you to maintain and develop your social life
  • support you to access medical appointments
  • respect your privacy

What will my Shared Lives carer help me to do ?

We will complete a personalised care plan with you and your carer so your carer knows what things you need help with and what you would like to learn:

  • you may need help to make a cup of tea or to cook
  • you may need help with washing, dressing or taking your medication
  • you may need help with managing your money or going out
  • you may need help to do the things you enjoy

Will I be involved in choosing my carer?

  • we will consult you about Shared Lives carers
  • with your permission we will share information about you with potential carers
  • information given to our carers is confidential, it will only be shared with others if it is needed to keep you safe
  • if you would like to, we can arrange for you to meet the carers. You can bring someone else with you if you want to.
  • we will arrange for you to visit the carers, to get to know each other and to stay overnight if you wish
  • sometimes you may need to meet a few different carers before finding the right Shared Lives placement for you
  • when you have met the carers, we will ask you if you want to try living with them to see how it works out
  • if the placement goes ahead, we will complete a placement agreement and a personalised placement care plan with you, the carer and your care manager
  • when you begin to stay or live with your carers, a Shared Lives worker, from the scheme, will visit you regularly to make sure things are going well and to help you make any changes needed

Will there be any rules?

Sometimes there are house rules that everyone in the house is asked to keep such as:

  • no smoking in the house
  • no playing loud music
  • respecting each others' privacy
  • there may also be a few other rules you will be asked to agree to, these will help you to stay safe and will be written down in your placement agreement

How much does it cost?

  • you will need to pay some of your benefits or wages towards the cost of your Shared Lives placement
  • how much money you pay will depend on your income
  • the money you pay is for rent, towards the cost of food, heating, lighting and water etc.
  • you may be able to claim housing benefit to pay your rent

Will I be able to spend my own money?

  • yes - the money you have left after you have paid your contribution is yours to spend
  • if you find it difficult to manage your money your carer will help you

Will I have my own room?

  • Yes you will have your own room

Can I bring my own things with me?

  • yes - your bedroom will be furnished but you can bring your own things to fit into your room

Can my family and friends visit?

  • yes your family and friends can visit and you can go to visit them

What happens if I am not happy about something in my Shared Lives placement? Or no longer wish to stay there?

You can talk to:

  • your carer
  • a member of your family or a friend
  • your care manager
  • a member of staff at your day centre or a support worker
  • a Shared Lives worker
  • your advocate, if you have one

Sometimes people want to move on from their Shared Lives placement and this is okay. You can talk to any one of the above people about this and they will help you decide where you want to move to and plan the best way to do this. We can try to find you a new placement if you want. When a placement ends there is a notice period.

We will meet with you once a year, away from the placement so you can talk freely. However, you can contact us before then if you need to talk to us about anything.

If you wish to complain about the service you have received, your complaint should be directed to:

Complaints and Service Improvement Team
Central Services
2S/08 Civic Centre
High Street

Tel: 01895 277143

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