Hillingdon school pupils encouraged to join the Active Travel Movement

Monday 16 October 2023: Pupils across Hillingdon are being encouraged to ditch the car drop-off and complete their journey to and from school by sustainable transport.

Children walking
Hillingdon Council's school travel and road safety education team is hosting its first active travel movement campaign this year.  
School communities across the borough are being asked to show their dedication to increasing sustainable travel by taking part in activities and events; starting with Walk to School Month this October. 
The Active Travel Movement campaign aims to promote safer and more sustainable modes of travel, to reduce reliance on polluting and congestion-causing car journeys, while improving the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils, by encouraging more walking, cycling and scooting. 
Schools are being encouraged to share their active travel journeys across social media to showcase their efforts and inspire others to do the same, using #ActiveTravelMovementHillingdon. 
There's even a chance for students to get creative and win prizes through a road safety inventions competition being run alongside the campaign. 
Pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are being invited to enter a competition to draw a picture of themselves actively travelling to school.
Those in Key Stage 1 and 2 are invited to design their own road safety invention. It could be the next 'cat's eyes' or 'zebra crossing'. 
Youngsters will need to show the concept for their invention, using a drawing, a model, or on their computer, along with a description of how it would work. 
To take part in the competition, submit your entry to your school along with your school's name, your full name, class, year group and age, before the deadline.  
Entries for both need to be submitted before Tuesday 31 October. The winners, announced later this year, will receive a digital recreation of their artwork or invention and an Amazon gift card. 
Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Hillingdon Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport, said: "We're committed to creating a green and sustainable borough and so it's brilliant to see the future generation doing their bit to help reduce unnecessary, short car journeys, while also keeping healthy and active." 
To find out more about the October Walk to School Month competitions, email stars@hillingdon.gov.uk

Page last updated: 15 Feb 2024