Council statement on change of use at Yiewsley Court

Wednesday 15 November, 2023: Cllr Jane Palmer Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said "We're aware of recent media and ward councillor coverage around the Cabinet decision to repurpose sheltered accommodation at Yiewsley Court in West Drayton as homeless provision, which contains a number of inaccuracies.

"We have contacted certain media outlets to ask for corrections but so far these have not materialised and therefore it is important to address.

"In line with its obligations under the Housing Act 1985, the council consulted with all residents affected by the proposals earlier this year, before seeking Cabinet approval. The report presented to the Cabinet compelled members to take into consideration both the consultation responses from residents and a petition hearing from January this year, before coming to a decision.

"The media piece and interviews within it failed to reference the consultation, which was detailed and had a high response rate from residents, setting out clearly what was being proposed and why.

"Each resident that will be relocated from Yiewsley court has had, or will have, individual consultation meetings with solutions tailored to their specific needs, whether that be moving together with friends or relatives, staying in the same area, or even moving to similar accommodation provision just across the road. This support will be personal and ongoing along with financial compensation to cover the costs and disruption.

"Unfortunately, unlike the media report, we can't ignore the needs of one group of vulnerable residents to focus solely on another. We're dutybound to look after everyone and will continue to do so, always putting residents first."

Page last updated: 15 Feb 2024