Council campaign successfully diverts waste for recycling

Monday 22 January, 2024: A campaign by Hillingdon Council has resulted in waste diversion rates at one of its civic amenity sites increasing by 20 per cent.

Harefield Civic Amenity Site
In December 2022, the amount of materials being sent for recycling, re-use or composting at Harefield Civic Amenity Site in New Years Green Lane, was 30 per cent, but after a dedicated campaign by the site staff, the amount of household items diverted for other use had risen to 50 per cent by December 2023.

Site staff have proactively intervened whenever they've spotted residents attempting to dispose of items in the general household waste bay that could be recycled or re-used if placed in an alternative, dedicated bay. This has been combined with the team offering general advice to residents at the site on what can be recycled from what they have brought.

The site accepts the majority of waste items which can't be collected via the council's weekly household collection service, generally due to them being too large, and includes things such as scrap metal, mattresses, wooden furniture and fridges, all of which can be recycled, or sent for re-use instead. This 'waste diversion' also bolsters the council's total recycling tonnages.

Cllr Eddie Lavery, Hillingdon Council's Cabinet Member for Residents' Services, said: "We're committed to being a green and sustainable borough and this brilliant piece of news shows we're working true to this aim.

"This upturn in rates is great news for resident, the environment and the council, as more and more of what households want to get rid of can now be diverted away from becoming general waste."

The team's work on site has also included proactive efforts to prevent tradespeople abusing the free service to get rid of large volumes of trade waste, they'd otherwise have to pay for.

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Page last updated: 06 Feb 2024