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Contaminated land inspection strategy

In April 2000 all Local Authorities (Councils) in England were given new statutory duties, under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to inspect land in their area to determine if it met the definition of 'contaminated land'. The Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) carry out this work on behalf of the council.

The first stage was to produce a strategy document detailing how the work would be carried out. This document was required to be reviewed and updated periodically where there were any changes in the implementation of the strategy. The following strategy documents have been published to date outlining the work being undertaken in Hillingdon:

The main aim of our work is to review available information on potentially contaminative uses and take action where necessary to ensure that sites that meet the definition of 'Contaminated Land' are cleaned up (remediated) to a level that is safe for the current use and that no new problems are created. A lot of information about former contaminative uses in the borough has been collected to assist with this work.

For some sites known as 'special sites', which includes sites affecting rivers and water supplies, have radioactive substances on site or some former Ministry of Defence land, we will carry out the initial work to identify the site as 'contaminated land' and consult with the Environment Agency about designating the site as a 'special site'. The clean up of 'special sites' will be enforced by the Environment Agency, rather than the council.

A public register of the remediation of contaminated land is available for inspection at the Civic Centre. It holds information on the remediation (clean up) of 'Contaminated Land' affecting the London Borough of Hillingdon, including 'special sites', carried out under the Part IIA legislation. (There are no sites listed in the register at present.)

There is further information available about Part IIA Contaminated Land in Contaminated Land FAQs

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