Automatic recycling bag delivery service re-launches

Monday 18 March, 2024: Hillingdon Council is relaunching its free automatic recycling bag delivery service to make it more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

A woman and two young children sort recycling into a Hillingdon recycling bag
From Tuesday 2 April , residents will need to re-register for the scheme, or if they're not yet on board, they will be encouraged to sign up for free delivery of dry mixed recycling bags and food waste bags (caddy liners).

Registering for the scheme is quick and easy. You'll be asked how many people live in your property and how many bags of recycling you produce in a typical week so your subscription can be tailored to the appropriate number of bags to meet your needs.

Under the revised scheme, you will receive your bags in one delivery for the year, instead of every four months. The first deliveries following the relaunch will begin in June. To ensure you receive your delivery, re-register or sign up at least one month ahead of your scheduled delivery month - you can check this at after the scheme goes live. 

The subscription scheme makes it easier for residents to get their free bags without having to remember to reorder them each time they run out or having to visit their local library to collect their replacement rolls.

Cllr Eddie Lavery, Hillingdon Council's Cabinet Member for Residents' Services, said: "We introduced this free delivery service for residents more than a decade ago, but we now need to adapt it to fit today's world and keep our commitment of creating a greener future.

"As part of our ongoing transformation programme to deliver value for money for residents and climate change work to reduce carbon emissions, we reviewed how the scheme works and made changes to make it more efficient.

"By supplying the right number of bags for each household, we will be able to reduce over-supply and waste and by delivering once a year we remove more than 150,000 vehicle journeys from the roads, which all contributes to our ambition for the council's operations to be carbon neutral by 2030."  

Once subscribed, you will be contacted annually by email to review your subscription and if your circumstances have changed, your subscription will be adjusted accordingly. Once registered, it may be several months before your first delivery, but you will still be able to request an ad-hoc delivery online or collect a roll of bags from your local library in the meantime. You can also use these methods if you unexpectedly run out of bags during the year.

To re-register for the scheme, or to sign up, simply visit the council's website from Tuesday 2 April and follow the instructions at  


Page last updated: 18 Mar 2024