Cranford Park audio trail guides you around the highlights

Tuesday 18 June, 2024: Hillingdon Council has launched a new audio trail at Cranford Park to showcase the site's historical and wildlife features.

View of the brick facade of Cranford Park, from the shade of a hanging tree in the foreground and blue skies behind.
The route, which is approximately one-mile in length, is indicated by 10 trail markers for visitors to find, each highlighting a key element of the site's history or its range of wildlife species, from the ancient features of the landscape and building architecture, to spotting kingfishers along the River Crane. 

Visitors will need to use the QR code, found on the trail's introductory panel on the western wall of the new café building, to open the audio trail in a web browser on their mobile phone to start the tour. 

The web link to the audio trail also includes photos and a transcript of the narration visitors will hear. Taking about an hour to complete, the route details some of the key features on the site, including the walled garden, community orchard, meadow and riverside as well as historic structures like the 'ha-ha' and the location of the ice house.   

Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Hillingdon Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport, said: "We're committed to preserving the rich heritage of our borough for future generations and publicising our notable historic sites like Cranford Park, to bring more visitors to Hillingdon. 

"With the new audio trail and recently-opened playground, Cranford Park offers something for families, history fans and nature lovers to enjoy. 

"This audio guide can be accessed at any of the trail markers, so you can explore in whatever order you prefer, or depending on where you access the park." 

The council recently opened a new children's playground on the site as part of its £4.6 million pound restoration project of Cranford Park, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, which also included works to restore the main stable building and the cellars. 

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Page last updated: 18 Jun 2024