Information on petitions about planning applications and council services, e-petitions, tracking petitions and paper petition templates.

Petitions about planning applications

Petitions are welcome on planning applications not yet determined and can be in support or against the application.

In general, with a valid petition, this ensures that a planning application can come before a planning committee comprising elected councillors to determine it. In such a forum, this enables the petitioner, applicant/agent to speak to councillors before a final decision is made.

Planning committee meetings are held at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge and written representations are permitted instead of attending to speak physically, should that be preferred at the current time.

Important update to Petition Scheme - householder applications

Please note: From 20 May 2021, for petitions relating to householder applications, where the petition has been received for refusal, and the reasons for that refusal accord with officers' recommendations, these will not be considered at a planning committee and instead under delegated authority by planning officers. Speaking rights, therefore, will not be permissible in such circumstances. However, should a petition request additional reasons for refusal though, not in accordance with officer recommendations, then this would be referred to a planning committee for consideration, thereby enabling speaking rights.

Creating and submitting a valid petition

We encourage you to use our E-petition system available here where you can submit and keep track of how many people are signing up to your petition. You will require a minimum of 20 people living in the borough to sign your E-Petition.

Set up an e-Petition

We recommend your petition clearly states what it is that you are petitioning about, and preferably the application number (please use the planning application numbers search to find this if required).

Alternatively, we accept paper petitions in any format that can reasonably identify itself as a petition and have templates you can use below in PDF or Microsoft Word format:

Petition Template 2022 (PDF) [242KB]

Petition Template 2022 (Word doc) [281KB]

For any paper petition, you must have:

  • full names
  • addresses
  • signatures
  • and signed by a minimum 20 people who live in the borough

Once ready, paper petitions can be emailed to petitions

Alternatively, you can post it to:

Head of Democratic Services
Hillingdon Council
Civic Centre

Upon receipt of youre-Petition request or a valid paper petition, Democratic Services will acknowledge receipt and advise you of the next steps. A redacted version of your petition (without names/signature/addresses/personal contact details) will go on the public planning file for inspection.

Should the application come before a planning committee, we will then contact you again about a week before to inform you of your speaking rights, or the ability to submit written representations to be read out to the committee.

You can contact Democratic Services about your petition by phoning 01895 250636 during office hours, or email petitions.

Speaking at planning committees

If the application is considered by councillors at a planning committee meeting then:

  • the petitioner organiser (or their representative) can speak for 5 minutes at the meeting about the application
  • the applicant (or their agent) can speak for 5 minutes at the meeting in relation to their application
  • ward councillors can speak for up to 3 minutes about the application
  • a Conservation Area Panel Member may also speak, if the matter is within a conservation area.

Speaking times may be changed upon the receipt of multiple petitions. Written representations are also permitted in place of attending to speak in person, should that be preferable at the current time. These are read out to councillors at the planning committee so they can take these into account.

All planning committee meetings are broadcast live on the Council's YouTube channel: Hillingdon London. Those attending to speak or submit written representations should therefore be aware that their statements in full will be on public record.

Frequently asked questions

What if there is more than one petition on the same application?

If we receive more than one petition on the same application, the chairman of the planning committee may amend the speaking rights - please note that it is not an automatic right for each petition organiser to speak for five minutes if there is more than one petition on an application.

What is the deadline for petitions?

All petitions in relation to planning applications need to be with us 48 hours or more before the meeting. However, the Chairman has discretion to allow petitions after this deadline in exceptional circumstances. 

What happens to my petition if an application gets deferred - or a new application is submitted after the existing one is withdrawn?

After you have put a petition together and spoken about the application at a planning committee meeting  -  if the application goes on the agenda for a subsequent meeting, you will need to start a new petition if you would like to speak again.

Similarly, if the application relating to your petition is withdrawn by the applicant and a new application is submitted (with a different application number), you will need to initiate a new petition to enable it to be considered. This is because the council cannot guarantee everyone signing the petition on the original application would have the same view on the new application which, for example, could have different designs and layout.

Page last updated: 02 Aug 2022