General election results 2015

The election took place on 7 May 2015. The results are:

Hayes and Harlington constituency results 2015

John McDonnell, Labour elected MP for Hayes and Harlington with 26,843 votes.

Election date7 May 2015
Percentage turnout60.37%
Total number of electorate74,874


1MCDONNELL, John Martin
Labour Party
2LEWIS, Pearl
Conservative Party
3DIXON, Cliff
UK Independence Party
4KHALSA, Satnam Kaur
Liberal Democrat
5MUNRO, Alick
Green Party


Winning positions1
Total number of candidates5
Total number of ballot papers45,203


Total number of spoilt ballot papers142
Want of official mark-
Voting for more candidates than entitled to63
Mark by which voter could be identified1
Unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty78
Rejected in part-


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