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Friends of Pinn Meadows

Friends of Pinn Meadows (FoPM) are a group of local residents whose objective is to secure this area for the public benefit as a place of ecological interest and beauty, including the preservation, protection and improvement of the Pinn Meadows.

When: First Saturday of each month at 10.30am.

Where: Meeting point varies between St Martin's Approach, Kings College Road and Elmbridge Drive. More information is available on our Pinn Meadows page.

Being regular users of the site, FoPM are an invaluable source of local knowledge and information regarding rare species that are found on the site.

In addition to their hands-on activities, FoPM have worked hard to receive additional Chrysalis funding for council amenities. Thanks to these funds, Pinn Meadows have had several muddy paths resurfaced, a new information board installed, a new hedgehog house, kestrel box, kingfisher box and several bat boxes and 2 additional benches and litter bins have been installed. They have also worked closely with the countryside and conservation officer and flood and water management specialist on the drainage project bid.

The group work with council officers on specific maintenance and improvement projects. Most of these have concentrated on wildlife and conservation.

Activities/tasks include:

  • river clearance
  • Himalayan balsam removal
  • litter picking
  • ditch and scrub maintenance

For meeting points and dates, please email

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Friends of Pinn Meadow.

Page last updated: 13 Jan 2021