Anti-social behaviour

You can pay an environmental Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) online.

Unsecured commercial building

A commercial building which is not occupied by a legal owner or occupier and is creating a hazard.

For example, there may be one or more unsecured openings such as:

  • broken windows
  • unlocked windows
  • broken doors
  • unlocked doors
  • holes in exterior walls
  • holes in the roof, broken basement
  • broken cellar hatchways
  • other similar unsecured openings which would facilitate an unauthorised entry into the building

The building could be used for individuals committing criminal or disorderly acts and if left unsecured would continue to decline and present a potential fire and safety hazard.

Empty properties

The property is generally run down in a poor state. The things that you might look for are:

Signs of disrepair - eg broken windows, graffiti, or overgrown garden. If the owner does not appear to be concerned about deterioration, this can be a sign that it has been deserted. Our antisocial behaviour investigations team can respond to reports of empty properties which are having a negative effect on surrounding properties or the local community.

Property that has been boarded up - this is often a sign that a building has been empty for a long time and has been secured against vandalism and theft. Our council tax records will provide us with information of empty properties throughout the borough however to report empty properties which are unsecured please use the report it link below.

Lights left on, does anyone visit the property? - if so, it is unlikely that the property has been abandoned and is evidence that someone is looking after it.

By reporting incidents you help the council to take effective action that can stop the fire risk and danger hazard. Together we can make a difference.

Report unsecure commercial building

Page last updated: 16 Jun 2021