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Filthy and verminous premises

Some people find it difficult to look after themselves and their property, the property may become untidy and dirty.

In some cases the situation may deteriorate to a level where there are personal hygiene issues, smells, accumulations of waste, possibly infestations of rats, mice, flies and there is a real risk to the health of the occupier and others such as neighbours. If you are aware of someone who is living like this who may require our assistance please report this to us.

What is filthy and/or verminous?

Filthy or verminous premises are properties that are considered verminous (including rats, mice, insects or parasites including their eggs, larvae and pupae) or in such a filthy condition as to be prejudicial to health (usually means that there is rotting food, human or animal excrement inside the property).

Such properties are frequently characterised by an accumulation of material that can make access to a premises difficult and that may present a physical or fire risk to the occupants or those of adjoining premises.

The law

We have a statutory duty to investigate complaints about premises which are in such a filthy and/or verminous condition or are prejudicial to health. This would not include premises which are merely unsightly, untidy or in a bad state of repair.

What we will do

Once we are made aware of a filthy or verminous house we will inspect the property so we can decide what actions to take and formal actions to resolve the nuisance being caused. Here are some examples of the work we may carry out:

  • remove rubbish
  • remove or destroy pests
  • remove sewage contamination
  • clean and disinfect interior surfaces
  • remove contaminated wallpaper, carpets, furniture if we cannot clean them
  • arrange for any essential and necessary repairs to the property

If a report is received and there is a risk to health, other agencies such as Social Services may also become involved.

Report a filthy property

Page last updated: 16 Jun 2021