We investigate complaints of odour from all commercial land and premises, with the exception of waste facilities (composting sites, landfill sites and civic amenity sites).

Waste facilities are issued with an environmental permit from the Environment Agency. If you experience odour from these premises. we recommend you report this by contacting the Environment Agency (opens new window).

Industrial premises with an environmental permit

Emissions from the following premises are controlled by permit conditions (issued by us):

  • car resprayers above a specified solvent usage threshold
  • dry cleaners
  • petrol stations.

Cooking odours from kitchen extract systems

If you are disturbed by unreasonable levels of cooking odours, you can call 01895 556000. It may be that some routine maintenance is due; for example, to carbon filters fitted to the system.

We ensure that all new food premises are equipped with effective odour control, by requiring planning conditions be imposed at the application stage.

Report odours and smells

Page last updated: 20 Jul 2023