Modern foreign languages and sign language

It's never too late to learn a new language, so why not start now?

MFLLearning another language is extremely rewarding in many ways. Our friendly classes help you to: 

• learn about new cultures 

• improve your communication skills 

• improve your first language 

• develop your digital skills 

• enhance your CV 

Our modern foreign language courses include Spanish, French, Italian and German, and run at different levels throughout the year. 

If you are a complete beginner, you will start on a Breakthrough course. If you have missed the September start, don't worry; our beginners language courses start twice a year. 

If you already have some language knowledge, we will talk with you to identify the appropriate course to meet your needs and aims, please contact one of our Adult learning centres.

New for this year: 

  • Get Started with French: Food and Culture 
  • Get Started with Spanish: Food and Culture 
  • Get Started with Italian: Food and Culture 
  • Get Started with German: Food and Culture 

These short courses are ideal if you are thinking about learning a language and would like to discover the country's culture and customs. From here you can progress to our Breakthrough courses. 

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BSLBritish Sign Language (BSL) 

British Sign Language studies will help you break down communication barriers with marginalised groups, such as hearing impaired or deaf people. 

Our highly experienced and trained tutors will support you throughout your course to ensure you can achieve your aims. 

 British Sign Language courses require an initial assessment before enrolling. To book an initial assessment or for more information contact one of our Adult learning centres.

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Page last updated: 21 Jul 2021