Authority monitoring reports

Authority monitoring reports (AMR) highlight the council's achievements and progress in delivering its key planning policy objectives.

The council must produce reports on the implementation of the Local Development Scheme, the progress and effectiveness of the Local Plan, and the extent to which the planning policies set out in the Local Plan documents are being achieved. 

The AMR includes information on Hillingdon's demographic and land use changes over the report period, as well as facts and figures on housing, residential institutions, health and education floorspace, industrial, retail, leisure, waste and air quality.

Latest AMR

2015 to 2019

Previous reports

The Authority Monitoring Report replaces the Annual Monitoring Report previously used. The last Annual Monitoring Report produced as part of the Local Development Framework covers the period to 31 March 2011. The first Authority Monitoring Report covers the period from 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012.

2012 to 2013

2011 to 2012

2010 to 2011

2009 to 2010

2008 to 2009

2007 to 2008

2006 to 2007

2005 to 2006

The following large document has been broken down into smaller chunks for your convenience:

2004 to 2005

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