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Mini motorcycles

Guidelines on the use of mini motorcycles in the borough's green spaces.

Did you know it's illegal to ride mini motorcycles in parks, car parks and other council owned land?

The Police and London Borough of Hillingdon Park Officers are becoming increasingly concerned that there appears to be an increase in the numbers of and illegal use of small motorcycles known variously as Pit Bikes mini moto's, peewee's, micro bikes, monkey bikes or go peds.

These machines are powered by a petrol engine and look like a motorcycle but are very small in size, in some cases less than 30cm in height.

The legal definition of these machines is that of a moped, and any rider not using the machine on private land would need to meet the same legal requirements, that is;-

  • to be at least 16 years of age
  • hold the appropriate driving licence
  • have insurance
  • wear a crash helmet
  • and the vehicle should be registered

There have been increasing complaints from users of parks and open spaces and other public areas concerning the illegal use of such machines, and riders should be warned that not only is this type of activity in contravention of London Borough of Hillingdon parks and open spaces bye-laws, but under section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002: the Police and Park Officers have the power in certain circumstances to seize the machine. Please be advised that all London Borough of Hillingdon Parks and Open Spaces, car parks, and other council owned sites are public spaces, and as such are not private land. The use of such vehicles or similar at these sites is illegal.

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