Louie Donovan Photography

Award winning Wedding and portrait photography with a purpose built private photography studio which is perfect for photographing newborn babies, sitting babies, cake smash sessions and families in.

Louie Donovan Photography

If we aren't in lockdown and I am able to to perform shoots in my studio:

All walk ways and handles are sanitised on the day of a shoot.

The Studio is fully cleaned and all touchable surfaces are sanitised.

On arrival I will take your temperature.

If you or I have any symptoms of illness at all the shoot must be re-scheduled.

I will wear a face covering during the shoot.

Shoes must be removed on entering the studio.

All clients must wear a face mask to the shoot, which they may remove while being photographed.

if I am photographing a newborn baby in the studio, no other shoots may take place that day.

A maximum of three other shoots a day may take place in the studio, to allow for cleaning and sanitisation in between each shoot.

No mixing of households allowed.

Due to the size of the studio only families with up to five members.



Bempton Drive




United Kingdom

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