Cranford Park project

The restoration of Cranford Park, which began on site last May, is now nearing completion.

The works have been funded largely by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, with contributions from National Highways, the Heritage of London Trust and Cranford Park Friends. 

The stables

The stables were in very poor condition. They were damp with dry rot and woodworm and some of the key roof timbers were very rotten. The roof, windows and doors had been badly vandalised and part of the interior was smoke blackened from a fire. 

They have now been repaired, the upper floors ceiled, replastered, repainted and the windows double glazed. Heating, lighting, smoke alarms and wifi have been introduced. The heating will be powered by air source heat pumps.

There is a little more work to be done at ground floor. 

The café

Cranford Park cafe - new windows
The café is being built on the floor plan of Cranford House, which was demolished in 1945. The brickwork is from a local family firm, HG Matthews, and it has a green roof.  2 sides of the dining room will be glazed - the south side will look out over the meadows and the west side over to the new playground. The outdoor sitting area (under the black plastic, which is protecting the cellars below) will be set out within the rooms of the old house.  


Cranford Park cafe - new playground
The playground will have a variety of play equipment - some within the area below and others set in the grass amongst the trees. 


The cellars have been repaired and cleared of rubble. Lighting has been installed, together with a heating and ventilation system. The public will be able to visit the cellars via the café entrance and view a film about Cranford Park and other interpretation displays there. 

Other works

Cranford Park cafe - courtyard turfing
There are many other works being carried out:

  • the car park is being enlarged and landscaped
  • the driveway to the café is being re-instated
  • the courtyard is being improved and levelled
  • public toilets are being added to the old information centre
  • the driveway from the A312 is being widened
  • St. Dunstan's subway entrance is being rendered, painted, relit and the flooding issue is being addresses.

We are also looking forward to the painting of a mural, inspired by members of the local community. 

Page last updated: 06 Jun 2023