Public Sector Equality Duty

The Public Sector Equality Duty, which is part of the Equality Act 2010, establishes both general and specific duties for public bodies, such as the council.

Equality objectives

The following equality-related objectives outline what we aim to achieve during the next 4 years (from April 2018).

Objectives will be reviewed each year and updated where necessary. Performance against these objectives will be published annually.

  1. During the next 4 years, we will train 250 staff in mental health first aid to provide residents and colleagues with mental health crisis support.
  2. By 31 March 2019, we will undertake a review of the equality data that is collected by council services to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.
  3. During the next 4 years, we will work with partners to continue to reduce the proportion of women who continue to smoke during pregnancy to below 10%.
  4. By March 2019, we will open a Dementia Resource Centre to support residents with dementia and their caregivers and gain 'Dementia Friendly Borough' status.
  5. During the next 4 years, we will work with GPs to identify a 'Carers Lead' in each practice, so that they can provide support for caregivers.
  6. During the next 4 years, we will continue to work with schools in the borough to promote the idea of British Values and the Prevent agenda.
Page last updated: 04 Oct 2022