Rooms for hire at the Compass Theatre

The Auditorium

The Compass Theatre has a modern auditorium and stage (5.5 x 7.6 metres) equipped with a full range of technical facilities, including lights, sound equipment, amplifiers and speakers. The stage also includes a large screen for showing films.

The Auditorium measures 11 x 11 metres and contains raked retractable seating for 158 people, with everyone guaranteed a clear view of the stage. We can also offer a cabaret seating configuration, which allows for smaller audiences of up to 80 to be seated at tables for events that suit a more informal layout.

The Auditorium can also be used with the seating retracted for parties and ceremonies to accommodate up to 300 people standing. With the seating retracted, this space also makes for an ideal area for events, such as band nights.

  • Standard - 140 to 158 seats, including 2 wheelchair spaces (exact amount varies depending on technical requirements)
  • End stage - 65 to 78 seats (performing on floor, normally without use of main stage)
  • Cabaret - 80 seats (10 tables x 8 seats)
  • Unreserved standing - maximum 200 (subject to licensing)

The Cafe Bar

The Cafe Bar space can be used for functions or performances. During normal office hours, this space is a free space for people to meet and greet each other. During show times, its coffee and wine bars are open and serve a range of hot and cold drinks and confectionery.

The coffee and wine bars usually open 45 minutes before a show begins and again during intervals. The coffee bar serves hot and cold beverages, ice cream, crisps and confectionery. The wine bar serves selection of wines, beers and spirits.

  • Standing / buffet - up to 100 people
  • Tables and chairs - up to 40 people

The Long Room

The Long Room is on the top floor of Ickenham Hall, measuring 14.2m x 4m.

This room is suitable for meetings, classes, rehearsals, conferences, presentations or parties.

Please note: Because Ickenham Hall is a listed building, it has not been possible to put in a lift to this 1st floor room and, therefore, it is not wheelchair accessible.

  • Standing/buffet - up to 50 people
  • Tables and chairs - up to 40 people
  • Theatre style - up to 40 people
  • Boardroom style - up to 25 people

The Oak Room

The Oak Room is on the ground floor of Ickenham Hall and measures 5 metres x 5 metres.

It is suitable for meetings, lessons, rehearsals, as a conference breakout room, for presentations or for parties.

  • Standing/buffet - up to 20 people
  • Theatre style - up to 20 people
  • Boardroom style - up to 15 people

The Studio

The Studio is fully-equipped, suitable for classes or rehearsal space, and licensed for public performances,

It is a small, practical space for drama and physical activity, and can also be booked for presentations and filming.

With direct access from our garden, the studio can make a handy contained space or a good breakout zone if you are organising a conference across several rooms.

It is 56.8m², measuring 7.9 metres by 7.2 metres and is 7 metres tall.

  • Up to 50 people

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Page last updated: 22 Mar 2022