Council encourages residents to make a difference through fostering

Wednesday 11 May 2022: Hillingdon Council will celebrate this year's Foster Care Fortnight (9 to 22 May) by highlighting the positive impact that fostering can have on the lives of both young people, and residents considering looking after a child or young person. 

Foster carers Mobeena and Wajid
Foster Care Fortnight is a national campaign which raises awareness of the importance of fostering. The council is marking the fortnight by hosting a series of drop-in and online events that will provide information on fostering, including support and benefits offered by Hillingdon Council. The council is also encouraging their own employees to consider fostering and raise awareness among family and friends.   

 Wajid and Mobeena, from Uxbridge, had always been interested in fostering and decided they were ready to the take the next step when their two daughters were teenagers. After passing all the necessary checks, the couple completed a rigorous online training process. Once they successfully completed the course, they were allocated a social worker to complete their fostering assessment. 

 The couple have already cared for two children. The most recent was a teenage girl, who needed extra support as she had some emotional issues, including an eating disorder.   

 The young person was able to get along with their daughters because of their similar ages and they were able to role model and had a positive influence on her. The couple could see the difference they were making, and the young person's school fed back that they could see positive changes from spending time with the family. Mobeena said: "It makes me happy, because I've done something good."  

 Mobeena encourages anyone interested in fostering to give it a try. "Do it if you've got the time, love, patience, attention and can provide a safe place to live," she said.  

 Wajid added: "It puts you in a situation you've never been in. You're letting a child, a person, an individual into your home. You need to accept that this person has come from a different world, or a different culture. They're scared as well as you. So, bringing that together is amazing. And when they go away and they've done well, you think that's good." 

Julie Kelly, Director of Children's Services, said: "We have many foster carers in Hillingdon who do amazing work every day to support our children and young people in care.  

"If you've been thinking about fostering for a while or are just curious as to what the role entails, please do get in touch with our dedicated fostering team who are on hand to support you every step of the way."  

If you think you could look after a child in need, please call the fostering team on 0800 783 1298, email or visit 

Page last updated: 15 Feb 2024