Blue Badges

Blue Badges help people with disabilities or health conditions park closer to their destination.
Read the government's guidance on responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder

Applying for, renewing and replacing a Blue Badge

You can apply for a Blue Badge for yourself, on behalf of somebody else or an organisation that transports people that need a Blue Badge.

Who can apply for a Blue Badge?

Drivers or passengers who would otherwise be incapable of getting to shops, public buildings or other places may be eligible to receive a badge.

Check the Blue Badge criteria to see if you're eligible before applying. This includes:

  • a recent digital photo showing your head and shoulders.
  • proof of identity (such as a birth certificate, passport or driving licence
  • proof of address (such as a Council Tax bill or government letter)
  • proof of benefits (if you get any)
  • your National Insurance number (if you have one)
  • the details of your current Blue Badge (if you're reapplying)

Please note: A Blue Badge costs up to £10 and you can pay by credit or debit card when applying online.

Apply for a Blue Badge

Renewing a Blue Badge

Renewal reminders are issued automatically 4 to 6 weeks before expiry. Apply as soon as possible, so the new application can be processed before your old badge expires.

You must reapply for a Blue Badge before your current one expires.

Renew a Blue Badge

Lost or stolen badges

Request a Blue Badge to replace one that's been lost, stolen or damaged. You can request it for yourself or someone else.

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged Blue Badge

Please note: Replacement badges will be issued with a new serial number.

Need assistance?

For queries or help applying, or if you are unable to apply online and want to use a paper application, email or call  01895 556633.

Page last updated: 21 Mar 2024