Am I a carer?

A carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help due to illness, disability, mental ill health or a substance misuse problem.

A carer may assist someone with one or more of the following duties:

  • washing, dressing or taking medicines
  • getting out and about and travelling to doctors' appointments
  • shopping, cleaning and laundry
  • paying bills and organising finances

Carers can also give emotional support by:

  • sitting with someone to keep them company
  • watching over someone if they can't be left alone

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • I have a disabled child, sibling or family member whom I help in some capacity.
  • I visit someone in need regularly; they couldn't cope without that interaction from me.
  • I take my neighbour to medical appointments; I often go in with them and help explain what the doctor has said.
  • I do the housework for my elderly parent once a week because they are too frail to manage on their own.
  • I take meals to my friend daily so I know they're getting a balanced diet; they have a mental illness and can't manage to cook.
  • my parent suffers from anxiety and depression, which often leaves them in a state of panic.  I am there for them whenever they need me, listening and discussing their worries about each day.

If you recognise yourself in a situation similar to any of those above, with any relative, friend or neighbour, you may be a carer and we can help to support you.

Take the carer's assessment

For more information, read the  Are you a Carer-leaflet (PDF) [947KB] - a guide for residents who provide care and support to a family member or close friend.

Page last updated: 20 Jul 2023