Childcare and early years

Children's centres

Information on Hillingdon's children's centres and the services they offer.

Lateral flow tests are available to collect from the following children's centres: Barra Hall, Harefield, Charville, Cherry Lane, Colham Manor, Oak Farm, Pinkwell, South Ruislip, Uxbridge, Yeading and Yiewsley.

We aim to support local families and carers with children aged 0 to 5 years through parent support and child development, within a caring and nurturing environment.  We offer a range of service and access to information in each children's centre, including: 

  • adult learning
  • antenatal and parenting courses  
  • parenting well-being support  
  • attention and listening support 
  • breastfeeding advice and supportĀ andĀ specialist clinic [121KB]
  • Brush for Life 
  • home learning information  
  • speech and language support  
  • P3 (support and guidance with a range of issues, such housing, money and finance, health and welfare).
  • parent/carer and baby and toddler groups  
  • support and groups for families and children with additional needs or disabilities

We also host a range of partner organisations, including: Midwifery Team, Health Visiting Team, HIllingdon Adult  and Community Learning, P3, Speech and Language Team, Occupational Therapy Team, IAPT, Child Development Centre, Perinatal Mental Health Team and Dieticians, The Richmond Fellowship.  

All centres are able to offer advice on general parenting, such as toilet training, safer sleep advice, dental care, behaviour management and support for families with children with additional needs.  We can also support parent's general wellbeing. 

Register your family with Hillingdon's children's centres

Please note: Registration is open to Hillingdon residents only.


Most of our children's centres are now open for pre-booked appointments and sessions. We are also delivering a number of activity sessions virtually, which are delivered through the Microsoft Teams app and must be booked.

View our timetables below for more information and booking details.

LocalityChildren's centres coveredTimetables
NorthSouth Ruislip

North children's centres timetable - September to October 2021 [199KB]

North children's centres timetable - November to December 2021 [199KB]

South East

Barra Hall

South East children's centres timetable - September to October 2021 [272KB]

South East children's centres timetable - October half term [270KB]


South West

Cherry Lane
Colham Manor
Oak farm

South West children's centres timetable - November to December 2021 [195KB]

South West children's centres timetable - October half-term 2021 [200KB]

    Contact us

    Please call one of our centres below for appointments and telephone supports (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm).

    • Barra Hall Children's Centre (Hayes)
      01895 277877
    • Charville Children's Centre (Hayes)
      01895 250104
    • Cherry Lane Children's Centre (Hayes)
      01895 250393
    • Colham Manor Children's Centre (Hillingdon)
      01895 250211
    • Coteford Children's Centre
      01895 556682
    • Harefield Children's Centre
      01895 277108
    • Oak Farm Children's Centre (Hillingdon)
      01895 250865 
    • Pinkwell Children's Centre (Hayes)
      01895 250533
    • South Ruislip Children's Centre
      01895 556806
    •  Uxbridge Children's Centre
      01895 558190
    • Yeading Children's Centre
      01895 250360
    • Yiewsley Children's Centre
      01895 558194
    Page last updated: 28 Oct 2021