Marriages and civil partnerships

Who can have their civil partnership converted?

Any same-sex couple who are in a civil partnership are able to convert their relationship to a marriage if they choose to.

You cannot convert an opposite-sex civil partnership to a marriage in England and Wales.

There are 2 ways to convert a civil partnership into a marriage:

  • a simple administrative process called a 'standard conversion'
  • a 2-stage process where the conversion is followed by a ceremony.

'Standard conversion' process

The conversion will take less than 30 minutes. Both partners must attend a register office together - it does not need to be where they formed their civil partnership. 

At the conversion appointment 

All couples must attend this appointment. At the time of their appointment, the couple must present: 

  • evidence of name, age and address
  • evidence of civil partnership 
  • provide details of where they will be having their conversion ceremony (if not at the same register office)
  • evidence of any consents if a conversion ceremony is to take place in a religious building.

The Superintendent Registrar or a Deputy Superintendent Registrar will enter details about the couple and their civil partnership into a form. The information will be used to compile a Civil Partnership Conversion into a Marriage Declaration. 

If no ceremony is taking place, the couple will be asked to read a declaration, which they may speak out loud if they wish. The couple will sign the declaration in front of the Superintendent Registrar or Deputy Superintendent Registrar. 

A conversion followed by a ceremony

If a conversion ceremony is to take place, the couple will read the declaration and sign it prior to their ceremony. Where a ceremony is taking place outside of the area where the declaration was prepared, the declaration will be sent to the register office covering the conversion ceremony.

The couple is responsible for booking any venues and registrars.

The signing of the declaration can then be followed by a ceremony and a marriage certificate will be issued, at a cost of £11 each. 


Standard conversions (additional fees if you wish to have a conversion ceremony)£45
Household conversions£99
Detained person conversions£117
Deathbed conversions£15

Please note: All fees (except for attendance at approved premises) are set by government. 

Page last updated: 24 Mar 2023