Admission arrangements for Hillingdon community schools

Hillingdon Council is the admissions authority for all Hillingdon community schools.

Community Schools Admissions Arrangements 

As set out in the School Admissions Code, admission authorities must set ('determine') admission arrangements annually. Where changes are proposed to admission arrangements, the admission authority must first publicly consult on those arrangements. Consultation must be for a minimum of 6 weeks and must take place between 1 October and 31 January of the school year before those arrangements are to apply.   

We will be consulting for 8 weeks from Monday 23 October until Monday 18 December on changes to the admission criteria to be implemented for admission from September 2025.  

Please note:

  • If you will be applying in September 2024 for your child to start reception or transferring from the infant school to the junior school to start in September 2025, these changes will be relevant to your application.  
  • If you are applying for an in-year admission from September 2024 for your child, these changes will be relevant to all applications administered from 1 September 2025.   

View consultation details and have your say

Determined admission arrangements

Copies can be requested by emailing

Page last updated: 23 Oct 2023