Contaminated land

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Contaminated land public register

Contaminated land public register

We are required to maintain a public register, open for public inspection, of the remediation of contaminated land (defined under Part IIA) in our borough.

About the register

It is intended to act as a full and permanent record of all the regulatory action taken by us in relation to the remediation of the land, to include information about the condition of the land.

The register includes:

  • remediation notices
  • appeals against remediation notices
  • remediation declarations
  • remediation statements
  • appeals against charging notices
  • designation of special sites
  • notification of claimed remediation
  • convictions for offences under Section 78M of the Act
  • guidance issued under Section 78V(1) of the Act
  • other matters prescribed by regulations.

The register is available for public viewing at the Civic Centre, Monday to Friday, during normal office hours. There is no charge for viewing the public register; however, there is a charge to photocopy information.

Please email the Environmental Protection Unit at to arrange an appointment.

Current entries

There is currently 1 entry in the Hillingdon contaminated land public register.

ENTRY 1 - The site below has been determined to be contaminated land and designated as a special site by the council.

Name and address of site

National Grid Location

New Years Green Lane Landfill Site
New Years Green Lane
Harvil Road

506286 E and 188274 N

Public Register Information

This is required under Section 78R of Part 2A and specified in Schedule 3 to Regulation 15 of the Contaminated Land (England) Regulations 2006, the regulations referred to below.

Schedule 3 Requirement for the Register

Provisions of Regulation 3 that apply

Date of notice

Date of site specific guidance

Document type

Requirement 10(a)


26 May 2011


Notice under Section 78C (1)(b)

Requirement 10(b)

3(a) and 3(c)



None, as specified in the regulations


Requirement 13




6 August 2008

Detailed advice from the Environment Agency

Regulation 10(a) - The documents below are available at the following links

Details of site specific guidance issued by the Environment Agency are not required to be placed on the register but may be available on request from the Environmental Protection Unit.

The public register does not include details of historic land use and other information used in the identification and investigation of potentially contaminated land, or information on sites that have been remediated through the planning and development process.

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